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Il raduno a Sestriere è stato molto bello. Grande partecipazione dei soci.
The Club DesmoAlpi was founded in 2011 by a group of friends and fans of twin engines. We wanted to give a name to our group, therfeore we choose DesmoAlpi, inspired by the beautiful mountains surrounding Torino, especially the Rocciamelone, sacred mountain of the Susa valley, which is depicted on our club logo. These mountains are the perfect playground for desmodromic engines and for its drivers... full of bends and breathtaking views. For these reasons every year we hold our rally on this natural stage. The passion for Ducati, the desire to stay toghether, sharing the experiences, traveling always and everywhere on our bikes, are the reasons that led to the foundation of Ducati DesmoAlpi moto club. We are aware that we belong to the "98 per cent", we believe in friendship and respect toward all the Ducati fans from everywhere, and we would be happy to welcome them! The motorbike, regarded as recreational activity, is a part of ourselves, and to make it a complete experience, we encourage to share it with our friends and partners. Our club organizes touristic tours and outputs on tracks on the most beautiful circuits in Italy. We are waiting for you, Ducati friends!